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Ron Bullen, Julie Hart & Paul Walder

When 88-year-old Ron Bullen from Louth walked into the headquarters of Carlton Cleaning UK looking for help to clean his carpets before moving out of his home, staff were inspired by this World War II veteran’s remarkable story.

Ron won his place in the Guinness Book of Records when he walked the full coastline of Britain between April 1986 and February 1987.  He clocked up more than 7,000 miles in 313 days, visiting every lifeboat station in the UK to help raise awareness for the RNLI.

Now Ron, who proudly displays his impressive collection of military honours and medals, has moved out of his home and packed up his life into his car to retrace his journey revisiting many of the remaining lifeboat stations and people he met on his previous journey nearly 30 years ago.

Free Carpet Cleaning

“We were honoured that Ron chose our company to clean his carpets, which of course we offered to do free of charge in admiration of everything he has already achieved,” says managing director Simon Charlton. “We are following Ron’s nostalgic journey around the country with interest and we all look forward to his weekly phone updates, he’s a true inspiration.”

Want to find out more? Contact Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd on:  01507 607986

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