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Carlton Cleaning had a visit from the Reverend Nick Brown, rector of Louth, at the beginning of February. He was looking for some much needed help to clean the flooring at St. James’ Church in Louth.


The church had been undergoing renovation to pipework and flooring which was still ongoing. Part of the church had been made accessible and temporary heating had been brought in ready for a memorial service planned on Thursday February 9th.

Cleaning work

Reverend Nick Brown had volunteers going to the church on Wednesday 8th February to help clean dust from surfaces and pews but needed the floors professionally cleaned. Carlton Cleaning were more than happy to assist with our services free of charge and carried out the cleaning of the floors along side the volunteers. The memorial service for Ros Hicks was led by the Archbishop of York as planned on the Thursday.

See the before and after pictures below:

Cleaning in progress    Before polish   Before clean


Completed polish   Finished floor    Polish completed

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