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Carlton Cleaning provide commercial factory cleaning across Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. We have experienced teams, allowing us to offer a comprehensive service for both industrial and commercial factory-based requirements.

Hygienic Environment

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment for your factory staff, and the huge potential that accidents may occur if regular cleaning is not carried out. We will help to maintain a clean and hygienic factory environment throughout your facility. This includes cleaning of laboratories and testing facilities, staff canteens, wash rooms, meeting rooms and site offices (as well as industrial factory cleaning too).

Over 40 Years of Experience

Carlton Cleaning have over 40 years of factory cleaning experience, and will work closely with you to create a bespoke cleaning schedule to fit around your requirements. Many of our existing clients require additional office cleaning, alongside factory cleaning. We can provide a variety of solutions for your needs, and our staff are all trained to work to the very highest levels of Health and Safety.

Our factory and warehouse cleaning services include:

  • High level cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Machinery deep cleans
  • Preventative cleaning maintenance
  • Warehouse cleaning
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