Restaurant Cleaning

Carlton Cleaning understand the importance of creating the perfect first impression, and impeccable level of service within a restaurant. That is why we can take care of restaurant cleaning and kitchen cleaning in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. We maintain a tidy, clean and hygienic environment, whilst enabling you to focus on the needs of your customers. Carlton Cleaning also offer kitchen extraction in Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

High Hygiene Standards

A poor hygiene rating can be devastating to a restaurant’s reputation, which is why we ensure all our restaurant cleaning and kitchen cleaning jobs are carried out to the utmost level of Health and Safety (we are both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified). Maintaining high standards of hygiene is our core focus; we will not settle for anything less. Our expert Lincoln kitchen cleaning team have ultimate attention to detail and are extremely diligent when it comes to restaurant cleaning.

Fully Flexible Cleaning Contracts

Kitchens are often the perfect breeding ground for both infection and disease, which is easily transferred to both employees and your customers. By employing us to carry out your restaurant cleaning, you can rest assured that cross-contamination procedures will be instilled, to reduce the spread of infection. Ideally, any kitchen cleaning work should be carried out during periods where the least amount of food is exposed. Our bespoke cleaning schedule will be designed around your needs, to incorporate the entire cleaning process. We do remain fully flexible too – cleans can be adapted around agreed operational hours.


We offer daily contract cleaning for restaurants, kitchens, bars, and pubs – we also carry out extractor fan cleaning. Services that we include within our restaurant and kitchen cleaning contracts include:

  • Wall & door cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Light fittings cleaning
  • Counter & shelves cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Fat fryer cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cooker hob cleaning
  • Washroom deep cleaning

Both our continued investment in the latest high powered technology, and regular training of our cleaning staff, puts us in a leading position within the Lincolnshire restaurant cleaning industry.

Kitchen Extraction in Lincolnshire

Busy kitchens can get extremely soiled throughout the day, let alone if you have a particularly full restaurant in an evening! Kitchen extraction cleaning in Lincolnshire is one of our specialities. The team at Carlton Cleaning have seen some sights over the years; we will not be offended by the level of grease your equipment may contain. The main way we carry out kitchen extraction cleaning is by scraping the grease away, followed by using a high pressure steam cleaner to remove any carbonised grease.

Hygiene Certified

By using the very best equipment, we will ensure that your kitchen cleaning is of the very highest standard, giving you the best chance of receiving the relevant hygiene certificate. Carlton Cleaning have carried out a number of successful kitchen extractions in Lincolnshire, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Our before and after photos are all the proof you need!

We also carry out restaurant flue and ducting cleaning within Lincolnshire – encompassing full internal and external cooker hood cleans. Just let us know your requirements and we can put together a bespoke quote for you.



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